Session 3
Chair: Stewart Lockie, James Cook University

 ID 49974 –  Institutionalization of the Korean Environmental Movement  Dowan KU and D. H. Hong
 ID 41657 – Structure of the Issues Surrounding the Nuclear Accident Evacuees: What Has Been Seen While Supporting Town Meetings.  Akihiko SATO
 ID 52273 – The Role of Qualification in Stimulating Pro-Environmental Behaviour: The Case of Low Temperature Laundry  Jo Mylan
 ID 35498 – Accountability To Environmental Policy: Renewable Technologies and Sustainable Housing Development  Ritsuko Ozaki and I. Shaw
 ID 53522 – The Impact of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident on People’s Attitudes Toward Nuclear Energy Policy: Silent Movement  Noriko IWAI and Kuniaki SHISHIDO
 ID 47482 – PR or Social Movement? : Against Climate Change Campaigns in Japan  Hiroyuki Fukuda
 ID 52111 – Governance of Ethnobotanical Resources in Siquijor, Philippines  I. J. Buot, U. Galamiton, D. Melana, and O. Magallones

Session 4
Chair: Larissa Gata, University of the Philippines

ID 30602 – Old Harry and New Media: Environmental Movements and the Oil-Tourism Interface in the Gulf of St. Lawrence M Stoddart, P. Graham, and N. Slawinski
ID 65643 – Towards a New Understanding of Movement Outcomes and Industry Creation: The U. S. Environmental Movement and the Development of the U. S. Wind Energy Industry Alesha Istvan
ID 44568 – Sustainable Consumption and the Enactment of the Fairtrade-Market in Vienna M. Jonas
ID 44593 – Sustainable Practices and Behaviour M. Jonas and B. Littig
ID 50602 – The Disconnexion Between Attitudes to Transport and Policy Choices. C. Halpern and J. P. Bozonnet C. Halpern and J. P. Bozonnet
ID 65955 – Narrative Analysis of Local Resources Management V. Anzoise and S. Sardo
ID 48042 – The Meaning of Urban River Pollution and Sense of Place: An Ethnographic Study of the Klang River, Malaysia N. A. Tajuddin
ID 67290 – El Método Delphi y La Evaluación De Riesgos En Nanotecnología. Estudio De Expertos En Argentina Marta Biagi